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myriam and juan

  Passionate breeder of Great Danes

At Pompadour Doggen,

we breed exceptional Great Danes in an environment

loving and caring.

Determined to follow a responsible breeding program, our goal is to keep our animals healthy and balanced.

Our small structure  is in a rural setting with modern and elaborate facilities.

We make every effort to facilitate the integration of the puppies in their new home.

Pompadour Doggen is a Breeding of blue and black blue mastiffs well known in the dog show world, established in Aranjuez. We have been practicing our profession for many years, with the aim of improving the breed of the mastiff. Our research is modeled on the FCI standard  to have unique puppies as perfect as possible.

We make it easy for your pet to transition from our home to yours. We strive to give our pets as much love as possible, educate their new owners, and make sure these precious creatures receive the care and attention they deserve. Contact us to learn more about our methods and our philosophy.

Healthy and balanced Great Danes

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